1. Vision
Become a leading Public Health S1 Study Program that produces proactive, innovative and professional graduates in the field of public health at local, national, and international levels, based on religious morals.
2. Mission
To achieve this vision, the mission of the Public Health Study Program of Airlangga University is:
1) Organizing academic education based on modern learning technology.
2) Conducting quality education based on evidence based learning process.
3) Conducting research and community service in the field of public health both locally and internationally.
4) Implement education management with RAISE plus (Relevancy, Academic Athmosphere, Internal Management and Organization, Sustainability, Efficiency and Productivity) plus Leadership, Access and Equity.
5) Establish partnerships and networks with national and international industries, governments and organizations.
3. Purpose
1) Produce academic graduates in Public Health Sciences that are proactive, innovative and professional.
2) Produce research that supports the development of science and technology by lecturers and students.
3) Applying knowledge and technology in Public Health Sciences in service activities to the community.
4) Implement the learning process effectively, efficiently, continuously and have competitiveness in a conducive academic atmosphere.
5) Implementing a sensitive education on the needs of the labor market and paying attention to access and equity.
6) Provide resources that are capable of following the development of knowledge and technology in the field of public health.
7) The realization of partnership with stakeholders who support each other both nationally and internationally.